Monday, July 17, 2017

Brothers - A Pinterest Picture Prompt

Howdy, all! *waves*

I'm dropping in real quick today with a story I mentioned in my monthly recap. I found a picture scrolling through Pinterest, and next thing I knew, I had a 700+ word story!

So it started with this pic... 

And then this gif (hope it works on here! XD)

So without further ado, Brothers.

They say I'm a traitor. Maybe I am. All I know is that I did what I had to do.
I felt brave, valiant at the time I made the decision.
Now, sitting with my back pressed up against a cold, rock hard wall, my hands cuffed in irons behind me, I'm not so sure.
Bloodlines run deep, I argued back with myself. I did what was necessary.
I closed my eyes and winced. The left one was still swollen from the cut just inches to the side.
I never liked Asher. But I never knew how quickly he would be willing to turn on one of his own men.

Shifting in my prison, I glanced up toward the lone window up near the ceiling--far out of reach. Rays of sunlight drifted in, bouncing off the walls that held me captive in a cheery dance. I sighed. I had done what I truly thought to be right in the moment.
What is one to do when he is brought to the choice of whether or not to kill his own flesh and blood?
I let my head lean back against the cold dungeon wall. My eyes drift closed.
“You wouldn't.” The, deep, sure voice echoed in my memory. The hint of a smirk amidst the raw fear of the steel blade at his neck as he gave his full dark head a slight shake. “Not your own flesh and blood. Not your own brother.

That's what decided it. Friend or foe, I knew wouldn't--I couldn't--kill my older brother.

The slight hesitation on my behalf was all he needed to thrust my sword to the side and roll out of its path. He was on his feet and gone before I had a chance to blink.

It wasn't moments later that I was surrounded by the others, all demanding to know where the enemy prisoner was--and why I had let him go.

A rumor was spouted off of me being a spy, and that was all it took. I was apprehended and questioned. None of my short answers satisfied Asher. He did not put up with much of my “foolishness” before he threatened me with his own sword. Sealing my lips only earned a slice across the face with the sharp tip. Asher ordered me put in chains and imprisoned for the time being.

Why? After all these years, why my brother? We were never what either of us would call close, but the true bond of brotherhood always lurked somewhere under the surface. Just like my conscience. The reason I wouldn't dare kill my brother or an innocent civilian.

I swallowed. I knew the penalty for losing a captive and disregarding direct orders. It wouldn't be long.

A rustling caught me off guard, and I jerked my head up toward the window. Silence reigned for a moment. I squinted through the sunlight, a frown creasing my forehead.

There. A shadow appeared for a split second and was gone again.

Then a familiar face peered through the bars covering the prison window, searching.

My voice caught. “Peter?”

“You must keep silent.” His dark eyes darted back and forth, but there was a calm air about him. “We haven't much time.”

He came back? My mind whirled.

“But why--?”

“Did you think I would leave you once I realized?” He gave his dark head a jerk. “I had to trick you so I could get away. It was my only chance of both of us escaping.”

I stared, dumbfounded. “But--”

“No more senseless questions,” he barked gruffly, scanning the interior of the dungeon. Then his voice softened. “I'm mighty glad to see you again, Will.”

My heart fluttered with a feeling I hadn't known for a long time.

I had missed him. The first few years after our last meeting had passed painfully, but I quickly learned to ignore the pain in my heart, to replace it with bitterness and anger.

But now…

“Keep attentive, little brother!” Peter hissed. “We haven't much time,” he repeated.

How he expected to assist my escape was beyond me. But then, he always had his mysterious ways.

I nodded, knowing his words rang true. I listened to his instructions with attentive ears. Because any minute now, they would arrive. And then it would be too late.


 How'd you like it? I know, it's not any particular time period, really. More medieval-ish, but I suppose you could say it's a fantasy world-type story. But I enjoyed writing it, and I hope you enjoyed reading it! I'd love to hear any thoughts!

~Livi Jane 


  1. Too much fun Livi. I loved it. :) You're my kind of Writer. Spur of the moment inspiration. When I saw the gif I felt a story rise in me, and I was so hoping that it was one of those Image Story contest things. I would totally have entered. XD

    1. Thank you, Libby!! Yes, sometimes it's hard to pass up an inspirational pin or picture or whatever! ;)

      Ohh, I should've thought of doing something like that! Hey, don't hesitate if you'd like to write a scene based off the pic like I did! I'd LOVE to read it if you do!!!

  2. *is catching up on blog posts* OH MY GOODNESS! Erich says that same first line in book #3. Great minds think alike. ;) I loved this little snippet! A full length story soon,maybe? XD

    1. Ohh, really? Well, if I remember right, my line came from a Pinterest prompt, so I can't completely claim it... XD
      Thank you! Haha, not sure about that...I think I may have too many other projects at the moment! But you never know!

  3. *is really late to read and comment, but I couldn't just NOT read one of your stories* XD
    EEPPPSS, I loved this!! <3 The brotherhood, the betrayal, the ending!! <3 Gah, amazing!

    1. Aww, thanks so much, girl! :D I had a lot of fun writing this one!