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Some Gave All - Happy Memorial Day

Good morning! 

Who knows what day it is?

Memorial Day - Remember Our Fallen:
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Yes, it is Memorial Day! A wonderful day set aside specifically to honor those who died in the line of duty.

Let us not forget this Memorial Day. Thank you to all who have served and are currently serving!:
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I never will forget those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. I am so thankful for those who are willing to risk their lives just so that we could live in freedom.

It also reminds me of a man Who gave His life, so that we could have eternal freedom! <3 

Below is a poem I wrote sometime last year (also in last year's in MD post), but it is a better-edited version. :)

Freedom's Price
A Poem by Livi Jane

As I kneel before this grave,
Of a soldier, unknown, but brave,
Tears are streaming down my face,
And I close my eyes in silent thanks.
For the life he lived, the battles he fought,
Buried here, likely long forgot.
My eyes open, and I gaze across,
The tombstones of many soldiers lost.
Unknown to the world, they rest here,
And I brush away another tear.
I remember on this Memorial Day,
They’re the reason we can celebrate.
Our freedom, our rights, we owe it to these men,
Who fought fearlessly for our country, time and again.
To every soldier that paid with their lives,
There’s no way to thank you for your sacrifice.
So we salute our fallen soldiers, the ones in action too,
And all we can say to repay is a heartfelt thank you!


I recently stumbled across another Memorial Day story I wrote over a year ago. It's not very long at all, just a quick reminder on what Memorial Day is actually about. :)

Remember Why: 

“Hi! Mind if I sit here?”

Without waiting for a response, nine-year-old Addison Wheeler slid into the cafeteria seat, setting her lunch tray down on the small table.

“Um, sure," the timid voice of Callie Freeman answered, although the agreement was unnecessary.

Addison wasn't sure what to think of her fellow fourth grader. Callie usually kept to herself, and none of the other classmates particularly tried to be friends with the girl.

It had been Addison’s first year at this new school after moving to Texas, and, being the outgoing person she was, had quickly become friends with most of the others in their class. It hadn't taken long for her to realize how shy Callie was. She had attempted to talk to the girl before, but with little success. Today, she noticed the girl sitting alone in the corner table and excused herself from her other friends to join Callie.

“I'm so excited that this is the last day of school!” Addy exclaimed, trying to make conversation. “I love summer!”

Callie didn't respond.

“Are you excited for Memorial Day?” Addy asked, voice rising with her own hype.


“We're going over my grandparents' house,” Addy chattered, shoving a loose strand of dirty blonde hair behind her ear. “We're gonna have a huge barbecue, and our cousins will be there, too! I'm so excited!” She finally paused to take a breath. “What are you doing for Memorial Day?” This time she quieted down and waited for Callie to answer.

The dark-haired girl gazed down at her tray of food for so long that Addy fidgeted in her seat, ready to burst open with her own words again.

She was just about to open her mouth when, without lifting her eyes, Callie hesitantly responded, her voice barely above a whisper.

“Well…I think we're just going to visit my daddy’s grave.”

Addison furrowed her eyebrows in puzzlement. “Why would you do that for a celebration?”

Callie’s voice dropped even lower, if that was possible. “He was killed serving in the army.”

“Oh.” Addison clapped a hand over her mouth, for once at a loss for words. “I am so sorry, Callie.”

“It's fine,” the girl responded, finally lifting her gaze to look at her classmate. “It's just that…so many people forget what Memorial Day is truly about.”

“They think it's a time to have a cookout and get together with family,” Addy agreed with a nod.

“Not that any of that's bad,” Callie hurriedly added. “But it should also be about remembering all the soldiers who died protecting us.”

“Like your dad,” Addy said with a slow nod, the wheels in her head turning as realization slowly crawled across her young face.

“I'll remember that from now on, Callie,” she promised, her blue eyes solemn. “And I'll make sure I'll never forget it.”

A tiny smile turned up the corners of Callie’s mouth.

“Thanks, Addison.”


“Mom, look at this!”

Callie pointed down at the grass in front of the tombstone bearing her father’s name while she waited for her mother to catch up with her. “Somebody left these beautiful flowers!” She picked up the bouquet. “And there's even an American flag with them.”

“They're very pretty,” Callie’s mom agreed. “I wonder who would have put them there? Perhaps the gardener…?”

“No.” Callie shook her head firmly, a huge smile sliding onto her face as she pulled a tiny card out of the bouquet.

Happy Memorial Day! the card read. I hope you like the flowers. My mom helped me pick them out. We are praying for you and your family!

Your friend,

Callie felt tears welling up behind her eyes at the kind words. One escaped and dripped down her cheek.
“Thanks, Addy,” she whispered as her own mother pulled her close. She squeezed her eyes shut. “And thank You, God, for sending me a friend like her.”


I think that just about wraps up today's post! I hope you all a wonderful day honoring the men and women who died for our country and celebrating the freedom for which they have fought!

~Livi Jane

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