Saturday, April 1, 2017

April 2017 + (March Review)

HAPPY APRIL (Fool's Day)!!!!!!

Hope everyone has had a wonderfully amazing March. I did!!
(Still on a vacation high; we got back late last night.) *grin*

Anywho, again, I hope everyone's March was great, and today I'm here to share some highlights from my month! (Okay, more like the last week--our trip.)

March Highlights:
  • I read several books (one in particular) to which I was really looking forward. They were great! :D
  • Deep-cleaned my room (having a clean room is so nice!).
  • Celebrated my sister's birthday.
  • Entered Faith's Imagine This challenge.
Okay, so this section is going to be a lot of blabbering about our family trip to San Antonio, so if you'd wish to skip, well, I won't stop you. ;p

So we left a week ago today (Saturday), and drove down to SA. (For those of you who may not know/remember, we went to watch the filming for American Ninja Warrior (and my sister competed!!).) We checked into our hotel and several of us spent the evening over at the course, hanging out and watching the testers on the obstacles.

We slept in (to prepare ourselves for being up all night), and then went down to the Riverwalk. We took a boat tour (which was super fun) and walked around a few shops and passed by the Alamo. 
After changing and getting ready for the qualifying round of ANW San Antonio, a couple of us headed down the where the course was set up to check out the setup for lines and whatnot.
Course runs started at around 8:30 pm. So much fun!! 
My sister ran the course sometime around three in the morning (they film overnight). We're not allowed to say how anyone did until the episode airs, but it was so much fun and we're so proud of my sister! :D:D:D

Unfortunately, it started raining at five in the morning (before all of the runs were finished), so they ended up having to finish up for the night/morning. (The top thirty contestants from the qualifying round compete the next night for finals, so they just let the remaining fifteen runners who didn't run due to rain go first.) 
It was around seven-ish in the morning by the time some of us made it to bed (me included).
Most of the day was spent sleeping, and we headed back down to the course when we got up.
Finals night was just as fun and amazing as the first night! Once the filming was finished, we hung out with a couple of the competitor-friends, and then walked back to our hotel, and again, slept for a while! 

Once we all were up after another late night, we went visit the Alamo (something that I've always wanted to do). First we went to mall across the street and saw a movie about it (I believe it was called Alamo: Price of Freedom). It was informative and interesting (although very sad). 
Afterward, we headed down and walked around the actual Alamo. It was so cool/sad/crazy to think about how the places we walked were once filled with soldiers fighting!
Two of my sisters and I walked around the Riverwalk again while the rest of our family took our sister to the airport (she had to get home for work).

*Not my picture

Wednesday, we went to the Natural Bridge Caverns. The tour we took brought us 180 feet underground. It was so interesting! God's creation is really wonderful and awe-inspiring!!!

We went walk around several old missions the Spanish built for the natives. I love seeing old historical sights; it's really awesome how they preserved so much!

We packed up and headed out! My sisters and I drove separately, and we stopped to visit some family we have in Texas, and went to lunch with them. 
Finally (two traffic jams later), we made it home around 10:30 pm!!! We were all tired and sad that our vacation was over, but we were glad to be home! (And so were our dogs!!)

(Congrats to those of you who stuck with it and read the whole thing! ;P)


As I mentioned above in my highlights, I entered a little challenge hosted by Faith P. If any of you would like to check out my entry (plus the other two ladies who entered), click here. :D

I was skimming through a story I started sometime last year (never finished it because the plot makes zero sense), but I couldn't help but laugh at how snarky/sarcastic my characters are. A few random snippets are below:

A sudden, low growl caught his attention, and he gave the figure sprawled out next to him a shove.
“Quit it, Jase,” he hissed to his sound-asleep brother. “A body can't sleep with the sound of a steam engine rolling through.”
Even with the nudge from his brother, Jase didn't budge. The snoring didn't stop either. In fact, Blue thought it was getting louder by the second.
“Shut it already, Jase!” This time Blue kicked his brother in hopes of waking him. It worked.
Jase jerked to a sitting position. “What's wrong?”
“You!” Blue retorted. “Quit snorin’ so…”
He trailed off when the low rumbling didn't stop. Even through the dim light of morning, Blue saw Jase’s eyes widen.
“What was that?” he whispered.
“I don't know! I thought it was you!” Blue glanced about nervously.
“Well, it's not!”


Blue bristled at the title. “I have a name,” he snapped.
“Well, in that case,” Gray adjusted his glasses, “what is your name, son?”
“Jonathan Harper.” He practically spit the words out.
“Why, Mr. Harper, if I’m not mistaken, the other boy who was with you–your brother, I believe–called you Blue.”
“It’s a nickname. Friends call me that.”
“Very well.” Gray gave a nod. “I shall stick to Mr. Harper.”


Blue ignored the remark. “Are you okay?” he questioned worriedly. 
“Well, let's see. I got chased by a bear, punched by my brother and a psychotic man who thinks we’re with the FBI or somethin’, and tied up on the floor of a freezing cold cabin–all in one day. I'd say I'm okay.”


All right, on to goals! 

March Goals:
  • Write at least 3,000 words (I plan to make this happen. After all, I'll have an entire road trip later this month to write. Of course I'll get stuff done, right? Isn't that how it always goes?) Yes!!! I wrote approximately 5,000 words in March. And although I didn't get as much done on the road trip as I wanted, I still got stuff done. :) 
  • Read books! (So specific, I know... I plan to read a couple of biographies and an Uncle Eric book for school, plus there's like, a bunch of books I want to read...) Yes, I read books! :D One in particular (Rescuing Finley). I really enjoyed the few books I read. 
  • Actually comment on other blogs. XD Yeah, I think I did better with this! 
  • Finish my Chemistry (and very last high school science) course for school. Almost! I just have to take the last quarter test and I'm good!
  • Has lots of fun on the road trip (I'm sure I will)! ;) Oh yeah, you can bet on this one!
  • Continue reading the bible every day. Thankfully, even with the craziness of our trip, I kept up with this. :D
April Goals:
  • Write at least 3,000 words.
  • Organize my writings and figure out what project(s) on which I want/need to work.
  • Completely finish chemistry.
  • Register for Fine Arts.
  • Continue reading the bible every day.
That should complete my post today! Hope you all enjoyed. How was your March? For those of you participating in Camp NaNoWriMo, what are your writing goals? Are you excited?
Anything exciting happening this April! Let me know! :D

Happy April!

~Livi Jane 


  1. That all sounds like so much fun, I'm glad you enjoyed your trip! Just wondering, what science curriculum do you use?

    1. We certainly did! :D
      We use Apologia (Exploring Creation) science. ;) How about you?

    2. We use Apologia as well! I'm currently doing Biology.

  2. I’m so glad that you had a nice trip, Livi! I enjoyed reading about it!
    That is so cool that your sister competed in American Ninja Warrior!! :D

    1. Thank you, Rebekah! :D It was so much fun!
      I know, I'm still having a hard time believing she actually got a chance to do it! :)
      Thanks for commenting!