Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March Has Arrived!

Hello yello! *Has no idea what I just said*

Ahem. Good morning!! Hope you are doing well today!

Guess what?

It's March!!!!

I can't believe how quickly 2017 is sailing by! We're already a quarter of the way through the year! :D

I have so many things to which I'm looking forward this month, but first let's have a look back on February. :)

February Highlights:
  • Don't remember if I mentioned this previously, but I was promoted at work. I am now a Team Trainer! :)
  • I had my first trainees at work! :D I was pretty nervous at first, but it was a lot of fun, and the two girls I trained are so sweet! 
  • More crocheting... I made another pair of little Converse shoes. They came out much nicer than the first, in my opinion. I'm so excited to give them to our worship leader's baby (due in the middle of March)!
  • Went to a college baseball game with my dad. That was a super fun (although very chilly) day!
  • Something super exciting happened... More on that further down!
  • The past few days (especially yesterday) were super busy at work because of Mardi Gras. (The only sad thing is it means king cake season is over. But that's okay, because it's officially crawfish season now!!!) Louisiana thangs, y'all.
February Goals:

Start editing S&S - Check! I actually just finished the first actual edit yesterday!! Yippee!
Write at least 3,000 words - Not quite! I think I managed around 2,000, give or take. I've mostly worked on editing again this month.
Post one of my stories here on my blog - Check! See this post.
Comment more often on other bloggers' posts (I see them, I promise!) - Ehh, sorta. Not as much as I wanted to.
Be more active in the blogging sphere - Again, sorta kinda not really... I ended up taking a short break.
Read Susan K. Marlow's newest book, Courageous Love - Check! It was so amazing!! 
Continue reading the bible every day - Yep!! I'm happy to say I am still on track!


Normally, I don't have a section for this, but I've been listening to a lot more music recently, so I wanted to share some of the songs I've listened to this past month (not necessarily new music, just more listened to by me ;P):

  • I rediscovered the soundtrack for Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. The movie is a childhood favorite of mine, so you can imagine my delight when I found the playlist on Youtube. :)
  • Breath - Jonny Diaz
  • Your Love Never Fails - Newsboys
  • There is Power in the Blood - Alan Jackson (I discovered this version of the old hymn. Love it!)
  • I'll Fly Away - Alan Jackson (And another! I've always loved this song!)
  • I've also been a bit nostalgic this February (if you haven't noticed yet). I found a bunch of songs we sang and did motions to in kid's church/Sunday school when I was little. (Let's just say I was a little excited!) Tell the World, One Way Jesus, Spin...

Okay, before you go any further, watch this video:
I still can't get over how cute Emmie is <3

This, as some of you already know, is our family's favorite tv show. We don't watch much tv, but when we do, it's this show. We've made a bunch of friends through this 'ninja' community!

Anyway, there's a gym about an hour away from us that is for training to be a ninja warrior. We went a couple of times for fun, and it was an incredible experience.

Last year, we were able to attend the filming of the one of the cities for the show, and that was even more fun! It was probably one of the best trips of my life. We got to meet a bunch of the competitors and all of that good stuff.

All right, so, now for the real news:
My sister is going to be on the show!!!!!!

She became inspired and interested in training for the show (she's already a gymnast), and decided to go ahead and send in an application. She got the news about a week ago that she was chosen to compete! We are so ecstatic! (She was freaking out. lol) We're hoping she makes the tv cut, but we won't know until the episode airs.

Anyway, so now the whole family is planning a road trip for the end of the month! We'll get to watch my sister and the other ninjas compete, do some sightseeing, and hang out. I love vacations!! :D

(Okay, blurt over.) XD

March Goals:
  • Write at least 3,000 words (I plan to make this happen. After all, I'll have an entire road trip later this month to write. Of course I'll get stuff done, right? Isn't that how it always goes?)
  • Read books! (So specific, I know... I plan to read a couple of biographies and an Uncle Eric book for school, plus there's like, a bunch of books I want to read...)
  • Actually comment on other blogs. XD
  • Finish my Chemistry (and very last high school science) course for school.
  • Has lots of funs on the road trip (I'm sure I will)! ;)
  • Continue reading the bible every day. 
Okay, I think that wraps things up for today's post. Saturday I'll be back with a book review, so stay tuned!!

How was everyone's February? What sort of things are you looking for to for March 2017?

Have a wonderful March 1st, everyone!

~Livi Jane


  1. Sounds like you had a great month!

    Those are some great goals for this month I may have to steal some of them (like writing)

    How cool! I love ninja warriors! I'll be rutting for your sister! Let us know how it turns out!

    1. Thanks, Marrok!
      Haha, you are more than welcome to help yourself to any of the goals! ;)
      I know; we are SO excited! I'll be sure to let everyone know when the episode in which she competes airs! (We won't know if she'll make the tv cut or not until it airs.) :) Thanks again!