Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Five Random Things You Might Not Know About Me

Hallooo! Hope you're all having a fantabulous week!

Mine has been, well, rather hectic! (Especially work today because our headsets for drive-thru didn't work when we came in to open this morning, so we had only one lane open, with one person outside taking orders and relaying them to me over the phone... And then we had tornado warnings, so that was great! Oops.) XD

Anyways, today I have a fun little thingy to do... It's five things you might not know about me!

(Anyone reading this is hereby tagged to do the same! *I see you*)

Here we goooo! (Hope I don't bore you too much. ;P)

1. I'm left-handed

Some of you may already know this, but ever since I was a baby, I used my left hand. Believe me, my parents tried putting things in my right hand, but I would switch it over to my left hand. Every. Time. Guess that also proves my stubborn hard-headedness... XD

2. I am number 4 out of 6 kids in my family (and the youngest girl).

Yup! I have three older sisters and two younger brothers! (I'm also the youngest granddaughter on both sides of our family (by five months).

3. I love lizards!

Hehe, so this a little random, but I absolutely love lizards! My neighbor and I spend hours during "lizard season" going "lizard hunting". I think our record is 15 Green Anole lizards in one afternoon. :) We always names every one of 'em, too. Sometimes we'd even catch the same ones several days in a row (yes, we could tell which one was which)!
Also, they make great models for photography (and perfectly fit Lego cars and bicycles!). XD 

Displaying image1.JPG
Beep beep!

(Bonus: We even figured out how to make them play dead!)

Displaying IMG_0738.JPG
I promise he's not really dead!! XD

(My personal favorite lizard was Chum, if anyone cares. lol (And my least favorite was probably Mask... He was huge, and he was bold. He would run up to you and open his mouth wide, like he wanted to murder you or something... Yipe!)) 

Displaying image4.JPGDisplaying image5.JPG
Aren't these pretty?? They're Brown Anoles. (The one to the right is a baby. We discovered a nest of them.) :)

Displaying image2.JPG
Yes, that is a lizard on my face! :D

4. I LOVE the outdoors (and climbing things)

Especially when I was younger, you would rarely find me on the ground. I was constantly climbing trees and fences (sometimes getting stuck in them), and I prefer camping or going to the beach to something like a spa day.

5. I'm sort of a tomboy ;)

This kind of goes along with the last two points. I can count on one hand the number of times I've painted my nails and done any makeup besides the basic powder and foundation (and even then, still could count that on two hands XD) (Much to the chagrin of two of my sisters--who are the opposite when it comes to this sort of thing).
I am totally cool with dressing up nice for church or a party, or even a hangout, but I'd prefer pants to skirts 'most any time. (I mean, who wants to climb a tree in a dress? You never know when you'll meet the perfect climbing tree!)
I'm not condemning anyone who likes and enjoys different things, because everyone is different! The one common factor is that we are all made in the image of God, and this is who He created me to be!

So there you have it. Five things you may not have known about me (that you now do)! Hope you enjoyed! (Lizard photos courtesy of myself and my friend. :P)

~Livi Jane


  1. I am one of six kids as well! I only have one brother though... :-)

    1. Oh, really? How fun! Your poor brother, surrounded by girls! lol My younger brother was the same for the five years before our youngest brother was born. ;)
      Thanks for commenting!!

  2. Replies
    1. Aw, thanks, Rebekah!! Glad you enjoyed!