Thursday, February 2, 2017



I disappeared again... And apparently February arrived while I was gone!

January was, well... A whirlwind! Honestly, it wasn't the best month I've ever had. But that's okay! God is trying to teach me things, mainly to trust Him.

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January highlights:

  • I did a lot of crocheting... Even tried something new and crocheted a pair of baby Converse shoes. I think they came out fairly decent for my first try! (Usually I stick to headbands and such.) ;)
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  • I had a super fun hangout with my sister and two of my friends. And guys. I actually bought things at the mall. A lot of things. (For those who don't know, I kinda like to...well...hoard money... XD)
  • I was able to help out with a portion of the halftime show at a college basketball game. That was such a fun weekend!
  • The weather was...interesting. It was freezing one week, hot the next, and this week it's been feeling really nice outside! I don't understand Louisiana weather...
Other things happened, but to be honest, January was a huge blur for me. The highlights intertwined with the not-so-good things, such as the little accident my dad with slicing off the tip of his finger (it's much better now), my grandmother being in the hospital, and my great-aunt's passing.  But again, I think God is trying to teach me to have more faith in Him and His plan.

This verse in my bible readings the other day jumped out at me:

"The Lord shall reign forever and ever." (KJV)

Yes, He shall! No matter the circumstance!



Clean out my room - Um... Sorta. Let's just say it quickly became a mess again.

Start planning for Fine Arts 2017 - Check! All of  my writing entries have been finished and just need editing! And I still have to work on my solo drama.

Write at least 3,000 words and finish editing NaNo stories - I actually kinda forgot to keep track of the number of words I wrote in January, but I think I wrote at least the 3k I was aiming to write. 
And I did edit most my stories, and even ended up editing an older-ish story and changing it quite a bit, plus rewriting another unfinished story that I hope to finish this year!

And guys... I finished Sunlight and Shadows!!!!! (If you want to know more about it, go here.) I am SO excited. I've set it aside for now, and plan to edit it in a little bit. But I am beyond excited that I finally completed this story!!!

February Goals:
  • Start editing S&S
  • Write at least 3,000 words
  • Post one of my stories here on my blog
  • Comment more often on other bloggers' posts (I see them, I promise!)
  • Be more active in the blogging sphere
  • Read Susan K. Marlow's newest book, Courageous Love (Check! It was so amazing!! Possible review coming for this book.)
  • Continue reading the bible every day
All right, this wraps up today's post! I already have my next post mostly written, so it won't be weeks and weeks before I return! :P 

What are some of your goals for this month? What are some of your highlights from January?
Let me know in the comments!

Have a wonderful February, everyone!!

~Livi Jane

P.S. Just realized  this was my 50th blog post! Yippee! :D


  1. Huge congrats on completing Sunlight and Shadows!! :D It sounds absolutely amazing!! :D (I want to read iiitttt...)

    Good luck on your February goals :)

    1. Thanks, Faith!! And congrats to you on completing DD! Sounds amazing! (And we apparently both have Ryders as main characters in our stories!) ;P

    2. Aww, thanks! Oh my goodness! I had totally forgotten about that but none that you mention it, I remember! Haha, how cool :)

  2. I've done goals for the whole year before but not for each month. I think I might start doing monthly goals...

    1. Haha, they do keep me motivated! That would be cool!
      Thanks for commenting, Aliyah! :D