Thursday, February 23, 2017

Dinosaurs and Dragons (Short story - Face to Face)

Howdy, everyone!

I know, I said I wanted to post more often/be more active blogging-wise. But (*sigh*) life has gotten in the way again, and I decided to take a short break. But I am back (with a story)!

Yep, you heard me right! I'm finally posting another one of my short stories here. This one I wrote during NaNoWrimo last year. It was a sudden, random idea. It took no time at all to jot this one out, and I had quite a lot of fun writing it! ;)

So, without further ado, here's my short story, Face to Face.

~Face to Face~

“Granddaddy, tell us a story!” six-year-old Anna Fulton begged, rushing over to where her grandfather sat in his favorite chair. The five other children followed suit.
“Yeah, Granddaddy! Tell us a story!” Anna’s brother Peter, older than his sister by nearly three years, settled himself on the arm of Granddaddy Fulton’s  recliner.
“‘Tory!” Two-year-old Danny chimed in, clapping his hands once.
Granddaddy closed his eyes in thought. “Well now, what kind of story would you younguns like ‘t hear today?” he asked, his voice at its usual low gravel.
“An exciting story!” Peter said with a firm nod. “An adventure!”
“Hm,” was all Granddaddy grumbled in response. He rubbed his chin, his eyes still shut.
A silence fell across the group, minus the occasional rustle from Danny.
Finally, Granddaddy sat up straight. His eyes held a faraway gleam.
“Have any of you children heard of the Loch Ness Monster?”
A chorus of gasps rustled across the group, along with nods.
“Yessiree, I saw ol’ Nessie with my own two eyes.”
“You saw it?” Anna’s voice was a disbelieving squeak.
Granddaddy nodded. “That I did.”
“What did it look like?” Layla, a cousin of Anna and Peter, spoke up. Her green eyes were wide.
“Why don't I start from the beginning?” Granddaddy suggested. “It was more’n sixty years ago when it happened.”
“Sixty years?” Anna gaped. “That was even before I was born!”
Peter rolled his eyes. “That's before Mom and Dad were even born, silly.”
“Your brother’s right,” Granddaddy pointed out. “I was only about ten years old. My family had gone over to Scotland to visit our cousins who lived there. I was born in Scotland, but we moved only a little while after that. I don't remember living there. Anyway,” Granddaddy cleared his throat, “one day, my cousin—his name was Malcolm—told me all about how he had seen the Loch Ness Monster…”


“I don't believe you!”
Ten-year-old Kelly Fulton crossed his arms and frowned.
Malcolm Fulton stuck his tongue out at his cousin. “I did too see it! And I know where it lives!”
“Yeah, right!” Kelly snorted.
“I do!” Malcolm stomped his foot.
“Then show me!” Kelly challenged.
“Fine,” Malcolm consented, giving his mop of unruly dark curls a toss. He glanced out of the window at the darkening sky. “But we must wait until it gets dark. She only likes to come out when everyone else goes to bed.”
“My father won't like it if we go out late,” Kelly said.
“Do you want to see the Monster or not?” Malcolm asked, crossing his own arms.
“I do!”
“Then you have to listen to me. Once we get sent upstairs to bed, we shall sneak out of my window. There’s a tree we can climb down, and then we’ll go to the lake.”
Kelly thought hard. “All right,” he said. “Let's do it.”


Kelly shivered and hurried after his cousin. The cool night air brushed through his reddish-blond hair as he went. The bright moon in dark sky lit their way.
Ahead of him, Malcolm paused.
“Shh,” he whispered. “We’re getting close. We can't let Nessie know we’re here.”
He tiptoed the rest of the way down the boat dock, Kelly on his heels. He settled down on the wooden planks of the dock.
“Now we wait,” he said simply.
Kelly sighed and sat down next to his cousin. “How long?”
Malcolm shrugged. “Depends.”
Silence fell across the boys, and Kelly shivered. The lake and its surroundings were quiet. Maybe too quiet.
They waited for what had to be hours. Kelly was ready to call it quits. Surely his cousin had lied. There was no Loch Ness Monster. That was just a legend.
Malcolm clutched at Kelly’s arm suddenly. “I hear it!” he hissed. Kelly could see his wide eyes even through the dim light from the moon.
Kelly strained his ears to listen. Nothing.
“I don't hear
Kelly fell into a pouting silence. That's when the sound of rippling water reached his ears.
He caught his breath. “What was that?” His voice cracked.
“Nessie!” Malcolm grinned.
The boys kept their eyes on the lake.
A dark shadow passed underneath the dock. Kelly’s heart was pounding so loud he was sure even Nessie could hear it.
He edged closer to his cousin. “Is she nice?” His voice trembled.
“I never saw her up close,” Malcolm admitted. “Just a shadow from the distance.”
“But you said you knew where she lived!” Kelly declared.
“I meant to say I think I know where she lives,” Malcolm defended himself. “Grandfather told me of the stories. He said Nessie likes to steal the fishermen’s boats. And they've been going missing from this dock of late.”
Kelly opened his mouth to respond, annoyed that cousin had fibbed.
He didn't manage to get a sound out.
A black shadow rose up in front of them. It was thin, slippery, and larger than anything Kelly had seen before.
The creature’s neck was at least the height of a tree. A fin the size of Kelly himself lifted and splashed back down into the water.
The cousins stood, frozen at the sight before them.
The creature screeched once and bobbed its head. It slowly sank until its face was level with the dockand the two boys.
Kelly wanted to shout, but he couldn't bring himself to open his mouth. Beside him, Malcolm stood, frozen like an ice statue.
It screeched again, revealing pure white teeth, razor sharp.
Nessie’s gaze met Kelly’s. For a moment it seemed to be just them, looking into each other’s eyes.
Kelly swallowed. He felt paralyzed.
The moment passed, and suddenly the Monster’s head dropped below the surface of the murky waters, and all was silent. The water was still.
Malcolm and Kelly turned to each other, their eyes wide and hearts pounding. Without a word to one another, they took off running in the direction of home.
Their curiosity was quelled; they had seen Nessie.


All six grandchildren sat, awestruck, as their grandfather leaned back in his chair.
“And that, children,” he concluded, “is the story of how I met Nessie.”
“Is that a true story, Granddaddy?” Anna was the first one to break out of their trance.
He only chuckled.
“All I know, children, is that Nessie has never been captured.”
“Has anyone else ever seen her for real?” Peter demanded, giving his dark head a toss.
“Who knows?” Granddaddy shrugged. “Many a person has claimed to have seen her since, but the shadows on that lake can be very deceiving.”
“Will anyone ever catch her, Grandaddy?” Katherine asked. The small seven-year-old shifted from her position on the floor.
Again, their granddaddy shrugged. “Who knows? But they say she's a smart one. There have been attempts to capture her, but no one has yet succeeded.”
“Wow,” breathed Anna.
“I suppose the Loch Ness Monster will forever be a mystery,” Granddaddy concluded. “But I'll never forget that evenin’ when I saw ol’ Nessie. Face to face.”



1934 photo of "Nessie" 

Many are saying this recent photo could be proof that the Loch Ness Monster still exists

When I was younger, the Loch Ness Monster fascinated me. I was bound and determined as a child that I would one day search the Loch in a submarine until I found Nessie. XD

The thought that such an amazing creature could still exist today gives me excited shivers. I mean, yes, most dinosaurs and dragons have gone extinct by now, but who knows what lurks in the murky waters of the deep, or the thick, undiscovered jungles?

Dinosaurs (and dragons) have fascinated me for years, especially since the Creation Museum in Ohio opened. They are so wonderful and interesting! How the Bible disproves the evolutionary "fact" that people and dinosaurs didn't live together is just as interesting! (Ken Ham has a wonderfully informative article on these 'terrible lizards' here.

A huge beast (called Behemoth) of which God speaks in Job 40 is described as having a tail that moves such as a cedar tree (Job 40:17). God also says that this Behemoth is "chief in the ways of God". From the rest of the descriptions of this animal, the Behemoth was a great creature, very likely a species of what we call dinosaurs today.

Another example of a giant reptile in the Bible is, again, mentioned in the book of Job. This time, the creature is referred to as a water-dwelling Leviathan. This creature breathed fire (Job 41:19-21), and had closely-knit scales.

Obviously, Job was familiar with both of these monstrous creatures. 

Fun Fact: The word "dinosaur" was invented by Dr. Richard Owens in 1841. It means "terrible lizard". (Bonus: A dinosaur is a dragon, but a dragon isn't necessarily a dinosaur. So technically, crocodiles and alligators are dragons (and they certainly fit the bill!)

American Alligator 
(Seeing these in the swamps of my home state is such a cool experience!)


Komodo Dragon

A fun song by Buddy Davis on dinosaurs!

Okay, I've digressed a bit, but hopefully you all enjoyed this post!

What are your thoughts? Is Nessie real? Is she still around today, lurking in the depths of the Loch Ness? Will we ever know the truth?

Do dinosaurs still inhabit the earth, or have they all gone extinct since the Flood? Let me know your thoughts!

Have a wonderful rest of the week! I'll be back soon with a book review!

~Livi Jane


  1. Oh, I love the story! And those facts about the dinosaurs are really cool! I love those verses in Job. :)

    Have you been to the creation museum?! I want to go there SO BAD!
    I think there are still smaller species of dinosaurs somewhere in the world today. Especially in the sea. Because, during the flood, the sea animals survived . . . so it only makes sense that the water dinosaurs would have, too.

    I really enjoyed the post! :)

    1. Thanks, Jesseca!! I'm so glad you liked it! ;)
      Yes, we have been twice! Once they year it opened (I think I was seven at the time), and once a couple of years ago. It was SO fun, and I really want to go again, especially since they opened the Ark Encounter!

      Hm, I never particularly thought about that! Very true! I just think it would so awesome if they discovered some! How would the evolutionists explain that? ;P
      Thanks for commenting, Jess! :D

  2. Ooh, I like the story. :) I have to say, the Loch Ness Monster has fascinated me too. It's just so intriguing! Do you think Nessie is real?

    1. I'm not sure... I would love it if it was real, and it's entirely possible. There's just so many hoaxes its hard to decide what to believe. ;) Also, considering how long the legend of Nessie has been around, unless there is more than one and they are producing offspring, I doubt that a creature could live as long as the legend of Nessie has. But who knows? The Loch is so large and deep, there could still be sea creatures lurking there!
      Thanks for commenting!

  3. Great job on the story, it's really good! I went the Creation museum when I was seven; the Ark Encounter was still under construction. I'd love to go again now that it's open...

    1. Thank you, Aliyah! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
      Oh, nice! I know, I'd love to go to the Ark Encounter, too!

  4. You should check out the movie called ,"The Water Horse." It is about a "lochness monster".
    I've watched it multiple times and I have really enjoyed it.