Monday, January 9, 2017

The Bookish Recap Tag!

Happy Monday morning to y'all! Hope you're all doing well!

Kaitlyn @ Twin Thoughts was kind enough to tag me in the Bookish Recap Tag! Thanks so much, Kaitlyn!! :D

-Include the above button in your post
-Answer the 11 questions
-Use as many book covers as you'd like. (Yay!)
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All righty, let's get on to the questions!!

Ye olde questions:
(Don't ask me why XD)

How many books did you read in 2016? (Exact if you know, or approximate if not.) 
honestly, I have no idea... XD Maybe 60-ish? I reread a lot of books this year, rather than new ones.

Did you set a reading challenge for yourself and, if so, did you meet it? 
Nah, I didn't. I just read when/what I felt like. :P

What was your most read genre this year? Least read? 
Hm, good question. I think historical fiction was probably the most read. Least read? Um, sci-fi/fantasy. (Not sure if I read any of that genre at all...)

What's five of your favorite books from 2016? 
Just five??

Never by J. Grace Pennington
A friend recommended this story, since she knew I was a fan of westerns and mysteries. I enjoyed this book so very much! 

The Last Ride by Susan K. Marlow
Of course, the Circle C books are always amazing!

I loved the movie Max, so I was elated when my sister bought me the book adaptation. It was just as enjoyable as the movie! :D

Legends of Laramie Series by Sigmund Brouwer
This series, recommended by my sister, were some of my favorites. They are geared more toward adults, and romance is included in a fairly large portion throughout, but it was written by a Christian author and it's all clean. :) I think I'd have to say Sun Dance was my favorite book.

All right, that was more than five, but who's counting? ;)

What's five of your least favorite books from 2016?
Hm... Honestly, I don't think I read any really awful books in 2016... Definitely not five that I could say I didn't enjoy. I'm seriously blanking on this question... XD

What new favorite author did you discover? (Not necessarily that the author is 'new', but that they became new to you this year.)
David Barton. For school, we watched some of his DVD series for history (he's a historian). His books are on history and government, and they are all so interesting! I actually got one of his book for Christmas; The Bulletproof George Washington.

What's five of your favorite book covers from the year?
This is sorta a repeat from an earlier question:

How many books did you purchase for yourself in 2016? (Exact if you know, approximate if not.)
Um, not many. Maybe 4? (All of my bookshelves are already stuffed full, so I don't exactly have room for more.) ;P

What's the longest book you read in 2016? 
As far as I know, it was Never at 318 pages.

What's the shortest book you read in 2016?
Honestly don't know. XD Probably one of the TCDC books, which are all only around 60-ish pages. I'm sure I've read shorter books to my little brother.

What's your reading goal for 2017? 
I actually don't particularly have one. I have a list of books I want to read, but I don't have an actual goal, except for the fact that I plan to read through the entire bible this year. :D

...And that finishes it up! I know, a lot of my answers ended up being I-don't-knows, but I still had fun with this tag! XD Thank you again for tagging me, Kaitlyn!

So, just about everyone I know has already been tagged for this, so I'm gonna bend the rules a little and just say that if you're reading this, well...

You've been tagged!!!

Have a wonderful week!

~Livi Jane


  1. I've seen the movie Max too, didn't know there was a book. But the movie was nice

    1. Yep! The book came out after the movie, though. ;P I enjoyed it!
      Thanks for commenting, Marrok!

  2. Fun tag!! :D I've read The Last Ride and Beyond the Horizon. And I want to read Max and Never!! XD

    1. Thanks, Faith! :) Yes, you totally should! They were both great reads! :D

  3. “The Last Ride” was one of my favorite books that I read in 2016 too! It’s one of my favorite covers as well! :) Oh, that cover to the American Girl History Mystery is so cute! :)
    I had fun reading your answers, Livi! :D

    1. Yes, I loved the blue background to "The Last Ride"!
      Thanks, Rebekah!! :D