Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year! + December Highlights


(I'm working on trying to change up my blog a bit, so if the background and such is different every time you visit, that's why!) ;P


Can y'all believe it's now 2017? I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that 2016 is over.

It was a year full of joys, sorrows, trials, experiences, and many other things. I pray you all had a wonderful year and have much to which to look forward this year!

December review:

Participated in the Twelve Days of Christmas linkup leading up to Christmas Day. I had so much fun during that time and was able to 'meet' many new bloggers!

My writing for December consisted mostly of editing the short stories written for NaNo in November, plus beta reading a short story for someone. I didn't have any particular word count goal in mind for December, but I did get some writing done, and am closing in on the home stretch of Sunlight and Shadows! Yippee! :D

December is always a busy month for everyone, and for our family it was no exception! :) Work, school (for the first half of December, anyway), hangouts with friends, Christmas shopping, Christmas parties, and Christmas itself kept me busy! I hope every one of you had an amazing Christmas, by the way! ;)

A couple of more major highlights from this past month:

Chick-fil-A Christmas party
Christmas Eve bonfires on the levee
Christmas Day/week (of course!) ;P

I have way too many highlights from the year to share them all, but I will mention one highlight of this year was starting my blog! I've had tons of fun with blogging so far, and I'm so thankful for all of you who have taken the time to follow and read and comment on my posts! :) <3

Goals for January:

  • Clean out my room (hopefully will be accomplished this week)
  • Start planning for Fine Arts 2017
  • Write at least 3,000 words and finish editing NaNo stories

Main Goals for 2017:

  • Graduate high school (I'm still half freaking out about the fact that by the end of the year (possibly sooner), I'll be done with school! Then it's onto college... :D)
  • Read through the One Year Bible and grow closer to the Lord
  • Compete in Fine Arts
  • Consistently exercise (at least three times a week)
  • Grow friendships
  • Journal every day (at least several times a week. I have a bad habit of saying I will and then not doing it.) ;P
And that wraps up my December highlights and goals for this year! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!

What are some of your goals for 2017?

~Livi Jane


  1. Great warp-up! thoughts sounds like some great goals for 2017! Have a blessed New Year!

  2. Good luck with your January and 2017 goals, Livi! :D Pretty blog!!

    1. Thank you, Faith! ;) Same to you! (By the way, in case you weren't sure, it was me who followed you on Instagram today.) ;P

    2. Hehe, thanks. ;) I wasn't sure at first, but then I saw "Ollie" in the username and I knew... ;)

  3. Great goals, Livi! I can't hardly believe it's 2017 either. Can't wait to see some changes around here ;)

    1. Thank you, Ashley! I know; it's crazy!

  4. Hi Livi, I don't know if you remember me, we chatted on the Circle C Adventures website a bit a while ago. I just found your blog!

    1. Of course I remember you! :D So nice to reconnect; glad you seem to be enjoying my blog! ;)