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Welcome to the eighth day of our Twelve Days of Christmas linkup! It's going by way too fast!

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Traditions are fun, especially ones revolving around the holidays. It's those things that may mean little to someone else, but mean so much to you.

For intstance, a tradition my family has is that every Christmas Eve we have our own family dinner together. We have things like chips, fruits and veggies, desserts, and always a chicken nugget platter from Chick-fil-A. :) It's just something we do. Of course, it's a little different every year, with timing, foods, and all of that (including that one year someone dropped a nugget and our dog snatched it up and literally swallowed it whole so it wouldn't be taken away from her). XD

Another Christmas Eve tradition (that I'm sure is familiar to most of you) is that we go to church for a beautiful service. I'm excited that Christmas is on a Sunday this year! For some reason that just seems makes it really neat! ;P

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Yet another Christmas Eve tradition is the bonfires! If you've never heard of them, visit Louisiana!

There are a bunch of imaginative traditions dating back to the earliest Cajun settlers of southern Louisiana to the west and north of New Orleans. One of them is the lighting of the bonfires along the Mississippi River on Christmas Eve.

The bonfires, built on the river levees by the keepers of this old tradition, are supposedly intended to light the way for “Papa Noël,” the Cajun Santa Claus, on his airborne journey to the area. (Although our family doesn't do Santa, it is a fun legend.)

Then, at dusk (usually around 7:00 p.m.), the bonfires are doused with flammable liquids and set on fire, lighting the sky and the surrounding area with towering flames.
It's so much fun!
Many people (us included) set off fireworks and light sparklers as well.
Our cousins always build one on the levee across the street from their grandfather. Some years, before Christmas Eve, we’ll go up on the levee and have a mini bonfire and roast s’mores and have a great time hanging out.

The atmosphere on Christmas Eve is just incredible. Everyone’s having a good time, nearby houses (across the street from the levee where we go) are usually open to anyone and everyonethere's no lack of food, the little kids (okay, sometimes even us older kids) are forever rolling down the steep levee and climbing back up to do it again and again, and the crowds of family, friends, and even tourists are huge! :D

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Before the bonfires are lit...

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After they're lit! :D

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Sometimes people get super creative and make masterpieces such as this one! (It is kind of sad seeing all of that hard work being set ablaze, though! :P)

I can say pretty much beyond doubt that the bonfires are one of my favorite Louisiana traditions!

We don't particularly have any traditions for Christmas Day, other than that the presents are usually opened sometime in the morning before we head out to visit family (sometimes we stay home and sleep in). ;)

One more tradition we have is to wait and do our stockings on New Year’s Day. It kind of makes Christmas last longer!

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Oh, yes. There are so many different traditions! :D

A fun song depicting a 'Cajun Christmas'! ;)

Leave a comment and let me know some of your favorite holiday/Christmas traditions!

Thanks for joining me! Tune in tomorrow for the second to last part of Home for Christmas!

~Livi Jane


  1. These are so fun! :D OOHHH Fireworks and FIRE. Sounds so awesome. =D
    -Angela |

    1. They are so much fun!!
      Thanks for commenting, Angela! Merry (slightly belated) Christmasto you as well!

  2. Fun traditions, Livi! Yep, Christmas being on Sunday makes it seem more special to me too. ^_^ The bonfires sound cool!!

    1. They are; I love them bunches! :D Thanks, Faith!