Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Life of an INT/FJ - According to Pinterest

Mornin', y'all!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I know I did! :D

I'm going to jump right into today's post, one that I was hesitant to try (you might realize why as you read). But I'm going to give it a shot anyway... :)

So, after taking the MBTI personality test multiple times, I have determined that I am a...


I ended up with INFJ the majority of the times I took the quiz, although after reading about that particular type, I seem to be in between the F/T portion of the personality, and I relate on a major scale to ISFJs, as well. Obviously, no type really fits anyone perfectly.

Well, as you can probably figure out from the 'I' in INFJ, I am more of an introvert... *hides*

I was always a very quiet, reserved person, especially in group conversations, and even more so if I didn't know everyone in the group well. Everyone would always make comments like, "Livi, you're so quiet!" or, "You've hardly said a word this whole time."
I like to listen, to analyze people *notastalker*. Sometimes I honestly just plain zone out.

On the other hand, once I feel comfortable, or am with a smaller group, although I still prefer to listen, I am more likely to speak up or burst out laughing. I'm not particularly afraid to give a speech (as long as I'm familiar enough with it), I always have fun doing skits and dramas, and I LOVE being on the kids' church dance team.

I used to be a teensy bit jealous of extroverts. I had a friend from church who was the biggest extrovert you could ever meet. They never seem to have trouble introducing themselves to others or jumping headlong into a spontaneous idea. They don't particularly care if they look 'stupid' in front of others; they go for it. (Whatever it may be.)

I wished I was like that. That I could walk right up and start a conversation with someone about anything in the world and not have them look at me like I just fell from the sky. Or that I wouldn't lie in bed every night reliving every single awkward conversation I'd had in my life and cringing at all of them. (Not saying extroverts don't do this, either, just my opinion.) :)

But, when it comes down to it, I think I've finally realized being and introvert is not a bad thing. Everyone is different, and everyone was created by God, who is perfect. :D Therefore, our personalities are essentially what He created them to be.

Whether you are an extrovert, introvert, or ambivert, don't be ashamed of the fact!

So, after reading about this type and scouring Pinterest, I came up with some memes and points about my personality I'd like to share. Hope you enjoy getting to know me better! (Warning: Lots of memes ahead! ;P)


To start off, I'm going to list a couple of truths about INFJs:

1. INFJs can be stubborn once they believe they're in the right, especially if it has to do with their values.

Oh, yes. I always was quite the stubborn child (maybe a little too stubborn sometimes), and that stubbornness has stuck with me. I pray it will continually be used for good and to stand up for right. :)

Today is that have been warned ;):
Okay, maybe not the caffeine... ;P

2. INFJs tend to keep important things to themselves and need two things to thrive: trust and safety.

It does. And it's happened too many times.

This is more where my ISFJ side comes into play... :P

I promise I remember your name even though you have no idea who I am.
(It used to upset me when others didn't remember details about me or special things I'd shared with them. Then I realized not everyone is like this.)

Come closer or go away:
lol, yes. Too much small talk. XD

Last, but certainly not least...

3. INFJs hardly ever initiate anything. They like it when the other person starts the conversation, contact, etc. (Although they will if it's important enough to them.)

I relate to this more than anything else included in this personality type. I always feel as if I'm bothering the other person, especially if they don't respond quickly (even though I know that isn't always the case). :P
In the latter half of this past year (more in the past few months), I've made a couple of new friendships in real life, for which I am so thankful; it cut back some of the hurt from being left out/excluded from some other things (which is something I've struggled with a lot).

Haha, yup. Online and in real life. XD

I've gotten to this point before, and it's hard for me to stop trying,
especially if I do want to be your friend.

I'm honestly never sure XD

Congratulations if you've made it this far! ;P

And. to finish off this post, here's a quote I just discovered by Jane Austen that I absolutely love :
Love this <3

I hope you all enjoyed getting to know some things about me I wouldn't normally share for fear of being misunderstood. But everyone is different; everyone has their quirks, problems, insecurities, and little special things that make them them! Don't be afraid of who you are, or that others might judge you based on such. God made each and every one of us unique! :)

Start off the New Year bolder, stronger, and more courageous than ever before!! Happy New Year's Eve, everyone!!!!!!!!!!

"I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." 
Psalm 139:14

Have a blessed day!

~Livi Jane