Sunday, December 18, 2016

Home for Christmas - Part Three

Good morning, everyone! Welcome to day five of the Twelve Days of Christmas linkup, hosted by the lovely Faith P.!


Christmas is only ONE WEEK AWAY. Crazy!! It's coming so quickly!

Without further ado, here's the third part of Home for Christmas. This section is a short one, but I still hope you all enjoy it (and please don't hate me after reading it!)


I'm dreaming tonight of a place I love
Even more than I usually do
And although I know it's a long road back
I promise you…

I'll be home for Christmas
You can count on me
Please have snow and mistletoe
And presents by the tree


Brad climbed onto the plane behind the rest of the crowd–many of them soldiers like himself, ready to be home and see their families, especially after yet another delay.
I hope Jim made it back in time to see his daughter, Brad thought, realizing he hadn't heard from his fellow soldier yet. He turned it into a prayer. God, please let him have made it back in time.
The plane took off, and soon they were airborne. Brad sat near the back of plane, praying silently for Jimmy and his little family.
Suddenly, his phone buzzed. He fished it from his pocket answered it. “Hello?”
Brad stiffened. “Hey, Jimmy. Did you–”
“I just made it back a little while ago,” he said, relief evident in his voice. “And Chloe's still with us. But it–it's not looking good.” He choked on the last words.
“I know it's hard, Jim. I've been praying,” Brad added.
“Hm,” was all Jimmy said.
“God hears our prayers, Jim,” Brad insisted. “Just reach out to him.”
“Yeah,” Jim replied, noncommittally.
The pilot’s voice spoke over the speaker in sudden, quick words. Brad frowned.
“Listen, Jim, I've gotta go, but please remember that God is with you and your wife and Chloe. He loves you all very much. And whatever His will may be,” Brad continued, “He has a plan, and we just have to trust that He knows What He’s doing.”
“All right,” Jim agreed. He still didn't sound quite convinced, but said his goodbyes just the same. “Bye, Brad. I really–I can’t thank you enough.” His voice cracked with gratitude.
“No thanks needed,” Brad assured him. “Now go be with your family.”
The pilot’s voice over the speaker grew louder, and Brad hung up with a final, “Bye Jim. Remember that no matter what, God is in control.”


Jim sighed as he thought back to his earlier conversation with Brad. He was beyond thankful for Brad’s generosity. The way the doctors and nurses shook their heads when they thought he and Barclay weren't looking, he knew he had barely made it back in time. Chloe spent most of the time tossing and turning in an uncomfortable sleep.
Watching his daughter suffer in such a way made Jimmy wonder why Brad thought God really cared about him and his family. Why would his three year old be dying right now if God cared? He just couldn't understand.
With a sigh, he took his mom’s command to go downstairs and get some breakfast to eat from the hospital cafeteria.
He dropped into a nearby chair with his food and rubbed a hand across his face.
The past two days had made all the times he had been in combat seem like a cakewalk. He'd rather be shot at twenty-four hours straight than see his family go through this.
It was only minutes after he had forced a few bites of food down that Barclay burst into the lobby area where he had been sitting.
Jim let his plastic fork drop to the plate and stood quickly, his heart beginning to pound.
“Jim, did you hear?”
“What?” Barclay seemed flustered, flapping her arms as if she didn't know what to do with them. “No, no. Chloe’s sleeping, or was just a minute ago.” She shook her head. “No,” she said again. “The news was just on. The flight that you were supposed to take, the later one?”
Jimmy nodded uncertainly. Where was she going with this?
“Something was wrong with the plane, and it went down halfway through the flight. They're guessing most–if not all–of the crew and passengers are dead.” Barclay was suddenly in his arms, tears sliding down her rounded cheeks. “Jim, you were almost on that flight!”
Jim wrapped his arms about his young wife and pulled her close. Although outwardly he seemed calm and comforting, his brain was screaming at him.

Brad. Brad was on that flight.


*Hides* I'll be back tomorrow with a fun post, and the day after that, the next part in this story. Hope you are all having a grand time reading everyone's posts. I know I am! See you all tomorrow!

A fun, original Christmas song by Anthem Lights. I love it!!

~Livi Jane (Ollie)


  1. What. WHAT WHAT WHAT. LIVIIIIII!!!!!!! When you said "don't hate me after reading it", I knew there was gonna be a baaaad cliffhanger.

    1. Haha, I'm sorry!! *hides* XD The next part is going to be posted tomorrow. ;)

  2. Okay, I'll admit, but from almost the first moment Brad talked about changing flights, I had a feeling something was going to happen on his flight. I will certainly be back for more of this story!

    1. Haha, well good catch! Something did... XD
      Glad to hear you're looking forward to more!

  3. Replies
    1. Ahh, I know!! The next part will be posted tomorrow! ;)

  4. LIVI. NO. WHAT HAPPENED!!!!!!!!?? WHY would you leave me hanging like that?!? ;)

  5. Livi, noooo!!! *cries to eternity* I will never recover from this

    1. *Cries with you* Not sure if I will, either. :'(

  6. NNNOOOOOOOOO!!!! *cries* (Your writing is amazing, btw...even if I'm sorta dying over here...)

    1. Aw, thanks, Faith! Glad you're enjoying it even through the awful sad parts ;P