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Home for Christmas - Part Five + Cajun Night Before Christmas

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Okay, just one thing before I get to the second to last part of my story for the linkup...

I'm sure most (if not all) of you have heard of the classic story, "The Night Before Christmas". Well, I'm a bit more familiar with a different version of this story...

Read in a thick Cajun accent by my mom 'most every year (this is one I forgot to add to our list of traditions yesterday!), this is a fun 'retelling' of the popular "Night Before Christmas". :)

Here's the story told for you; take a listen! ;)

All right, let's get on to Home for Christmas! This part is just one short scene; I promise the final part will be longer! Hope y'all enjoy! *Warning* You might cry!

I'm dreaming tonight of a place I love
Even more than I usually do
And although I know it's a long road back
I promise you…

I'll be home for Christmas
You can count on me
Please have snow and mistletoe
And presents by the tree

Jimmy sat silently on the cushy sofa in the Lorance’s apartment, staring straight ahead. Barclay had her arms hooked through one of his, her head resting on his shoulder as she slept. Her cheeks were streaked with tears. Jim’s parents had finally agreed to retire to their son’s guest bedroom to get some sleep themselves, but they refused to go to their own home. They wanted to be there in case either Jim or Barclay needed them at any point.
With his young wife sleeping, Jim had plenty of time to think over the events of the morning.
He had rushed to find the nearest television as soon as he had the chance, just in case it was all a big misunderstanding. It hadn’t been.
His immediate reaction had been a tiny, selfish part of him whispering ‘thank you’ for the fact that it hadn’t been him on the flight.
As soon as the thought entered his mind, it had been pushed out by sorrow and a million questions. Why hadn’t it been him? It was supposed to be him. But all because of Brad’s kindness, his friend had been the one killed instead of Jim.
All because of Chloe’s sickness.
Why? Jim cried out in his mind. Out loud, he only whispered the question. It wasn’t answered.
Tears began forming in the young man’s eyes and started dripping down his cheeks. He kept them silent so as not to wake his wife.
It hadn’t been two hours later that things with his daughter went from bad to worse, and when the doctor informed them that they had better start saying their goodbyes, Barclay had burst into tears. It had taken several minutes for her to calm down enough to do as the doctor said, and within minutes, Chloe had left them.
Why? Jim wondered again. Only this time, his thoughts had turned back to the plane crash.
Brad had a family, Jim thought, remembering his fellow soldier telling him and the rest in his unit stories of his own two little girls and beautiful wife.
Because of me, their husband and daddy is dead. They were probably planning a fun Christmas, and now they’re planning a funeral. The tears grew more louder and more bitter. And so are we.
Barclay shifted. “Jim? Are you crying?”
He quickly brushed away the tears still glistening on his cheeks. “I’m fine, honey.”
“You’re not.” Barclay sat up. Her bottom lip quivered.
He sighed. “I was thinking...about Brad.”
“You didn’t know, Jim. How could you have known when you accepted his offer that the plane would crash?”
He shrugged. “I don’t know,” he admitted. “If he hadn’t heard me crying that night, the ticket transfer never would’ve happened.”
“And then you would’ve been the one on the crashed plane, and I would’ve lost both you and Chloe.” Barclay had to pause and swallow hard.
“Don’t think about that, baby,” Jim told her. “Let me worry about things.” He cleared his throat. “I’m planning to go see his wife when I can...if you don’t mind.”
She shook her head. “I can’t imagine how they must feel. At least–at least we knew it was coming when Chloe passed. They weren’t expecting this.” Her voice was growing thick.
Jim clenched his teeth to keep from crying again. Barclay noticed.
“I’m sorry, Jim. I didn’t mean to make you feel–”
“I know, baby. It’s all right.” Jim hugged her close.
Intertwined in each other’s arms, the two fell asleep, each to themselves hoping they would wake up and the events from the past day would’ve been nothing more than a terrible nightmare.


I don't have a post planned for tomorrow, but I will be back Christmas Eve! Have a blessed day, y'all! Get that Christmas shopping finished if you haven't! I just officially finished mine today (finally)! ;P

Looking forward to catching up on a bunch of y'all's other Christmas posts that I might've missed! See y'all later!

~Livi Jane (Ollie)

Okay, a P.S. question for y'all... I'm considering turning Ollie into my 'real life' nickname, so which spelling do you like the best? At this point, I'm leaning toward just keeping 'Ollie', :)

1. Ollie

2. Ollee

3. Olly

4. Oly


  1. I will be looking forward to the ending of this story.

    I like the spelling "Ollie"." :)

  2. *sniffs* So sweet...and yet so sad! Beautiful writing, Livi!

    And I agree with Rebekah, I like "Ollie" :)

    1. Thanks, Blessing!! And I think I'm going with "Ollie". My sister said that spelling fits my personality the best. ;P

  3. Looking forward to reading the last part. :) And I like Ollie's spelling too. :)

  4. I LOVE Cajun Night Before Christmas!! :D
    Oh my goodness this story...this is killing me... *sobs* You write sadness so beautifully, Livi. <3

    And...I vote for Ollie. ;)