Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas with a Capital 'C'

Good Monday morning to all of you lovely folks out there!

Christmas is now less than one week away. Time is passing so quickly! 

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Speaking of Christmas and winter-y things, I have to mention that the weather this past Saturday was 80 degrees... And literally, the very next day the high was 48. Don't ask me how that happened. All I can say is that I'm glad it's finally a little cooler here! 

All righty, onward to my post for today! (I also must mention that I've been immensely enjoying reading everyone else's posts for this lovely linkup. Even if I haven't had a chance to comment, I have been reading them!)

So, you might've noticed the title of this post on the way in today. ;) In case you didn't catch it, here it is again:

It's called Christmas with a capital ‘C’!

Wanna know why?

Because it's a holiday? Sure, I guess you could say that. (Because it is grammatically correct.)

It may sound a little silly, but I like to think it's also capitalized because CHRISTmas is about Christ!

It's easy to get caught up in the hullabaloo of the season; shopping, decorating, and Christmas parties. And all of that is great. Really, it's a lot of fun! But we do have to remember the real meaning of the season, which can so easily slip our minds.

Christmas is the day we celebrate that Jesus Christ was born. The day a perfect Manthe only perfect Manentered the world.

He came down to earth in the form of a human to give us a chance to have a relationship with Him, which was broken when Adam and Eve disobeyed and sin entered the world. But because of Jesus coming to Earth to die in our place, we now can spend eternity with Him, just as God meant it to be from the beginning!

So when you're going about your holiday activities and see a nativity scene or a sign that says “Jesus is the reason for the season!”, let it remind you to take some time and think about what Christmas really means. And why it's called Christmas with a capital ‘C’. :)

Brad Stine is pretty hilarious, which makes this song even funnier to me. ;P

Oh, one other thing! A few days ago, Jesseca mentioned the movie 'Silent Night' in one of her 12DoC posts on her favorite Christmas movies. She thought I might like it and suggested I check it out. Well, I dug it up online and watched it today, and I have to say... I loved it.  
It did have some mild swear words throughout, as well as some violence (it was based during World War II), but overall, it was amazing! 

See y'all tomorrow! Part four of my story will be coming at you! Have a wonderfully blessed day!

~Livi Jane (Ollie)


  1. Great post Ollie! And great reminder of what Christmas is all about :)

  2. Great post Ollie, your right it's so easy to get lost in all the lights, sounds, shops, and everything else that comes with Christmas and forget that "Jesus is the Reason for the season". Again great post

  3. This was a great post, Livi!! :) I seriously need to watch Silent Night... ;)

    1. Thanks, Faith! :D Yes, you totally should! Then you, Jess, and I can all squeal about it together XD