Monday, October 10, 2016

More Military Characters!

What's up, everybody? (I'll just act normal and pretend it hasn't been like ten days since I last posted.) Ahem.

Well, NaNoWrimo is just around the corner, and I'm super excited! *cheers*

So, in preparation for November, I'll probably be doing quite a few posts about my characters from my NaNo projects this year. :D

I think I might've mentioned this in my last post (I'm too lazy to go and check), but I have several short stories (that probably won't listen and end up way longer) that I want to work on.

I'm really excited and can't wait to get started! 

Today, I'm introducing...

Drew and Remi 💙:
Andrew "Drew" Joseph Waters and Remi

These two are already at the top of my favorite characters list (tied for first with basically every other
one of my characters, but y'know).

Energetic, protective, and loyal. Those three words describe Remi 100%. The large, sturdily-built German Shepherd has spent her whole life in the military, trained to sniff out smuggled weapons, dangerous explosives, and chase down the bad guys. She loves her trainer and handler more than anyone or anything in the world, and will do whatever it takes to please him and keep him safe.   


Andrew Joseph Waters:
Twenty-three year old Drew Waters is a corporal in the Marines. He is of average weight and height, with a slightly elliptical face shape. Drew has a light brown buzz cut and baby blue eyes that stay calm and serious the majority of the time, especially when it comes to important missions, but they also always have a curious gleam about them. He prefers to listen and observe rather than talk. Drew has a laid back side that comes out when not in combat. He loves being one of the K-9 handlers, and his dog, Remi, more than anything. She's saved his life and the others in his unit multiple times. She helps make the long days and nights overseas seem not quite so lonely, and help him not miss his family so much. His retired parents live back at home in Florida, along with his older brother, Josh, sister-in-law Chelsea, and their two children, Fiona and Brock. 

Drew Waters:

Eek! I am so excited to start on this story. I just hope it comes out as well as I want it to! It's actually going to be loosely based on a true story (part of it, anyway), so... :) I want to get it posted on here as soon as I can (probably sometime in December, if things go well).

Thanks everybody for taking the time to read! I hope you all enjoyed getting to know Drew and Remi!

Have a lovely evening!

~Livi Jane


  1. Ohhh, Livi... I HAVE to read their story. Like, RIGHT NOW.
    Write write write!!! I hope NaNo goes well for ya!! :D

    1. Haha, thank you, Kaitlyn! Having people who want to read my writing is a huge motivator! ;P

  2. Ahhh, this sounds like an awesome story, Livi!! :D Totally looking forward to it!

    Best wishes with NaNoWriMo! :)

    1. Thanks so much, Faith! I'm looking forward to writing it! :D