Tuesday, August 2, 2016

August is Here!

I can't believe it's already August! This year has definitely been flying by!

I meant to get this posted yesterday, but we were on our way home from a weekend trip, so it's a day late. Oops. :) (I have to say, though, when we got back, my turtles were the happiest little critters ever! Sketcher just kept on zooming around the tank, and Drechsel swam up to the edge when I called its name to greet me! They're so adorable. :D)

So, August...

There are some things I'm looking forward to this month, but also things I'm not quite so excited about this month.

First off, my birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks! I'm not exactly sure yet what we'll be doing to celebrate, but I'm sure it will be fun!

But... Along with growing up comes responsibilities... Lots of them. Less than a week after I turn 16, I'll be starting my first 'real' job at a fast food restaurant. Two of my sisters have been working there for several years already, so being able to be trained by them will be nice, but I am SOOO nervous! I'm very much a perfectionist, so the thought that I might do something wrong and mess up makes scares me probably more than it should, plus the fact that I don't do well in high-pressure, fast-paced situations unless I know exactly what I'm doing won't help much... All I can say is please pray for me! I am not looking forward to it...
And who knows? Maybe I'll love it and wonder why I was so worried. But, at the moment, I am pretty terrified, so... ;p

Other than that, I don't think anything else big will be going on this month. We started school back up last week, so trying to settle back into that! It's been pretty good so far. I think I have to say American History is my favorite subject. The curriculum I'm using this year actually combines three subjects into one! (Bible, history, and English!)

The weather is still ridiculously hot and humid, and we've been having a bit of rain lately. I'm excited for fall to come and the weather to cool down so I can wear hoodies and fuzzy socks! Haha ;)

I plan to get back into the groove of writing and making myself get stuff done! I started on a new story, but still have one that I haven't finished that I need to... And lots of research for both stories is involved. Yikes!

I'm also hoping to write a bunch of fun blog posts for this month. I have a couple of ideas, so stay tuned! :)

All right, well, I'm going to head out for now! God bless!

~Livi Jane


  1. Hey, glad you got back safely from your vacation! :D
    And your job sounds like it'll be fun! I know you'll do great! :)
    God bless!

    1. Thanks, Megs! I'm not quite as nervous about it as I was, so that's good! ;) Hope you're doing well!