Saturday, July 2, 2016

Letters From a Soldier - Part Three

Hello, all!

So, life's been going pretty well. Busy, though!

First off, I am excited to announce that my step-cousin had her baby today!! Little Ansley Grace is adorable!

 Also, Camp NaNoWrimo started yesterday!! I had planned to pick up a story I had kinda dropped for about a month, but I have only managed to stare at a blank screen for over an hour... So, since I ended up being in the car today for 2+ hours, I took advantage of that time to write... And ended up with a short story that I did not intend to write! Haha. At least I'm building up my word count goal, even if I'm not actually working on the project I was hoping for!

Okay, so, here's the final letter! Hope you enjoy and are ready for the Fourth of July!! It's for sure one of my favorite holidays!! <3
(Did I mention the Fourth of July was one of my favorite holidays?)

Anyway, as I may have already said, I am super excited for the Fourth and will hopefully post a picture of my outfit for that day (A new dress I recently got that I LOVE. Patriotic colors and all). ;P
(And possibly other pictures... I honestly have no clue what we are doing for the Fourth XD.)

So... Without further ado, Letters From a Soldier - Part Three!

Dear Ma,
I hope this lettur fines you wel. I miss you an Pa an the rest of the famly.
We ar eating pretty wel. I try not to complane. Most the uther men do, except for me, Jack, and Danny. Jack don't even complane though he is still hurting from the bullet he got hit by in his arm las week.
We walkd all day today without hardly stoping to rest. I can not say how glad I am to be abul to sit down an rest now.
I think we will travel all day agin tomorow. Las week was the las battle we hav had, and I do not know when the next wil be. I do not like the blood or killing any mor than most of the men, but we do it any way. It is for a good cauz. Ther are some who laugh and cheer when ever they kill the enemy. I do not think it is very rite to be glad about ending a nuther mans life, even if you must do it for survivul.
I apoligize for my lettur being so short, but we are lo on paper. I thank Danny for helping me rite this lettur, as you know neither of us spell very wel.
I hope to git a long lettur bak from you soon. It passes the time and I would love to here from you.

From your loving son,
Austin J. Hampton

*Side historical note: Many (but not all, as seen in my first letter) boys and men in the army during the time of the Civil War could not read or write well. Many never went to school for more than a couple of years, if they went at all. The reason for my many misspelled and repeating words is to keep it as historically accurate as possible. :)


And although my post may end up being late, depending on if I have time to write it the next two days, I sure hope you will enjoy it!!!!!!

~Livi Jane

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  1. Nice letter! ;)

    Getting excited for your Fourth of July post! Can't wait to read it! :D