Friday, June 10, 2016

The Young Soldier - Short Story

Hey everybody!

So sorry for the delay in posting. Life this past week has been extremely busy and crazy, and I haven't found the time to get a post done.
I thought I would have time today, but alas, I woke up feeling miserable with a fever and achy throat (no fun), so I figured instead of having to think up and write a whole other post, I would just share another short story I wrote around the same time as the story Gone from my Memorial Day post. :) I really enjoyed writing this one (even though it is pretty short), so I hope you enjoy reading it!

The Young Soldier:
The steps of booted feet squish rhythmically as they march through the mud, leaving tracks one after the other. Dawn is breaking, the pinkish sky bursting forth; another day begun. Dawn, the time when everything is silent, where nothing moves, and seemingly nothing breathes.
The young soldier continues on his way, his chin lifted and handsome young face pointing towards the light of the rising sun.
He is dressed in his camouflage uniform, muddy from sleeping on the wet ground the previous night.
The rest of the men back at his camp are still asleep, savoring any amount of rest they can for the long days that lie ahead.
His destination is just ahead, a small rocky clearing, high above the ground.
Slowly, he slides into a kneeling position on the rocks and pulls his cap from his head, revealing short auburn hair that blows gently in the wind.
He bows his head and just kneels silently. One minute passes by. And then another.
It’s a sight to see, the soldier, barely a young man, just kneeling in the quiet of the dawn.
Five more tick by before he lifts his face, and gazes up at the sky. It’s beginning to turn to a blue hue, the same color as his determined eyes.
And in that moment, when everything else is completely silent, not a bird chirping or an insect buzzing, he whispers two words. Two words, full of humbleness and overflowing gratitude.
“Thank You.”
He stands, replaces his cap, and salutes.
With that final gesture, the young soldier turns and makes his way back to camp, ready for whatever this day holds for him.
While many might question his behavior, it doesn’t take much to realize what the young man is doing. The days for soldiers like him are long and seemingly endless; moments sometimes pass without even knowing if they will live to make it to the next. The fact that he woke up this morning is an incredible feat in and of itself, and he knows this.
Which is why, even as he treads back through the unknown territory, he continues to murmur under his breath prayers of thankfulness that he lived to see another sunrise. He also prays for the protection of him and the others in his unit as they go about their duties. He prays for strength, for courage, no matter what may happen.
And he knows with all of his heart that the Heavenly Father is listening.

The task ahead of you is never as great as the power behind you
"Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power."
Ephesians 6:10 

There you go! Hopefully by next week I'll be completely rested and can get back into posting more
often. :) Have a great weekend, everyone!

~Livi Jane


  1. Wow. Livi, this was amazing. This was really, really good. Like...yeah, wow.
    You write the most amazing military-based stories! I love them so much!
    Thanks for posting! I do hope you are able to get some rest after your busy week! :) And I'm so sorry you got sick! That's no fun! :(
    Oh, and I absalutly LOVE the picture!!

    1. Thanks, Jesseca! It was fun writing it! I really like the picture, too! (Thank you, Pinterest ;P) I would write longer stories, but I don't have enough knowledge of the military to do so. I do plan on doing some research about it soon, though! (So that I can write more/longer ones!)