Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Letters From a Soldier - Part Two

Well, a little later than I wanted, but here's part two of my short 'series', Letters From a Soldier.
I know it's not the most exciting thing ever, but I still hope you enjoy it!

(While writing this, I imagined it being sometime during WW2.)

My darling Linda,

I must start off by telling you, sweetheart, how much I miss you. Being apart for so long has made me realize just how much my love for you is. I, as always, was glad to hear from you and enjoyed reading your last letter very much.
I must get down to business. We are anxiously awaiting word on our next attack. I cannot divulge any details, Lindy, but I can say that this battle will likely incur plenty of deaths. I do not wish worry upon you, but I feel I must inform you of the chance that this could be my last letter written to you.
Strangely enough, I am not scared to die. I will fight to the end for my country, the land I love. My only regret will be leaving you behind. You do not know how much I want to be home with you. I miss you and love you more than words could ever say. I'm sorry for the rather short length of this letter, but I must go now. Remember how much I love you, Lindy.

With love,
Robert Danton

Soldier writing a letter during World War 2

“Letters were a great comfort. And the mail was indispensable. We couldn’t have won the war without it. It was terribly important as a motivator of the troops. Mail call whenever it happened was a delight.”
-Paul Fussell

Now, here's a real letter written by a soldier in WW2, less than a month before D-Day. Sadly, this was the battle in which he was killed.

May 9, 1944


The invasion, I read, is a topic of daily conjecture among the people at home and I guess you are a mite worried. Well, sweetheart, don't worry, please. It is possible I may be a member in the assault but no more possible than that I may someday day. It is God's will darling, to which we all must bow, and His will be done is a daily admonition we make. I don't hold with the 'theory of the inevitable' school and so you may be sure that I won't invite disaster in any form. In prep school we had a quarterback who always qualified his pre-game players with the phrase, "Not my will, God, but Thine" and so it is sweetheart and so it must always bewe must trust our God unflinchingly, unquestioningly. But enough of this heavy stuff... School's out.

I love 'em all but Polly best of all

All right, last letter coming up in a couple of days, and then the Fourth of July post!! I find it difficult to explain, but I LOVE patriotic holidays sooo much! :D

Have a blessed day, everyone!

~Livi Jane 


  1. Aww, this is so sweet!!! Letters from war are the best. I just recently got a book from the library, and it's full of letters from the Civil War to the Persian gulf war in the late 1900s. Of course, I skipped to the middle and read the WWII ones. They are all so good!!
    Anyway, thank for writing and posting!! I loved the letters you shared. :) Oh, and I'm looking forward to your 4th of July post!!! I LOVE AND ADORE patriotic holidays as well. xD

    1. Thank you, Jesseca! I agree; they are so fun to read!
      And I'm so glad to find someone who loves patriotic holidays as much as I do! :D *virtual high five*

  2. This is soooo sweet! I loved both letters! And it was kind of interesting because when I was reading the first letter, I was imagining a man sitting on the ground with a box underneath his paper while he was writing, then I scrolled down more and saw the picture you posted ;)