Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Twelve Days of Christmas - A Southern Christmas!

Howdy, readers!!!

Can you believe that Christmas is just DAYS away???? It's crazy how quickly time flies!


I've got a fun post today. Maybe some of you can relate, maybe some of you will think I'm just crazy! Either way, I hope you'll enjoy this post that I'm entitling:

A Southern Christmas 
This post is mostly going to be a bunch of Pinterest quotes with a few of my own mixed in about what Christmas is like for those of us who live in the South (particularly LA and TX). ;)


1. Bahahaha true
Okay, so like I said in my last post, it snows maybe once every ten years, and stays around for a while even less. So this is basically what happens even when there's a chance for snow.

For those who think this is a joke, we've worn shorts on multiple Christmases and played cousin vs. cousin football in MawMaw's backyard. Those are fun times, though!

3. Louisiana, too! ;p
So I'm not from Texas (sadly) but we have a bunch of family who lives there, and this rings true for Louisiana, as well!

4. It's not Christmas without The Cajun Night Before Christmas! 

Cajun Night Before Christmas® (The Night Before Christmas Series)
My mom reads this in her Cajun accent every year, and it's definitely a fun tradition!

5. A typical Christmas Eve looks something like this:

Christmas bonfires along the levees in the River Parishes.

Bonus #6. It ain't Christmas without some made-from-scratch roux and gumbo! (Plus my dad's fudge :D)
Yes I do


Have a Very Cajun Christmas! Christmas in Louisiana
Papa Noel!


A Cajun Christmas song! ;) 


And there y'all have it! For those of you who live up north, I'm sure you all have your own (very opposite version) of this post! ;P What's Christmas like for y'all up there? 

Anybody who can relate with me on this southern Christmas?? 

While I do wish for snow every once in a while (more often that once in a blue moon!) I wouldn't trade my Cajun roots for anything! 

Joyeux Noel!!! 

~Livi Jane

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Twelve Days of Christmas - Christmas Movies!

What up, y'all?


I'm (finally) back again with another Christmas post!

Who else loves curling up on a cold, rainy (I would say snowy, but that doesn't happen here--OH WAIT GUESS WHATTTT IT SNOWED HERE A FEW WEEKS AGO AND ACTUALLY STUCK ON THE GROUND AND IT WAS COMPLETELY AMAZING. Ahem. Anyway, that's about a once every decade thing, if not longer) day with a cup of hot chocolate and a bowl of popcorn and watching a Christmas movie?? Nothing to get you in the holiday spirit like a Christmas movie night!

I did a post like this last year, and while I will include some of those (because they're some of my absolute favorites) I want to include a few different ones, too!

  1. The Hallmark Channel - Okay, so I'm not gonna even try to list all of the movies I love from this channel. My mom, sisters, and I watch it all Christmas season! Sure, they're cheesy romance movies, but they're also fun! (Also possibly the reason I don't mind romance stories quite as much as I used to dislike them. ;P) I will mention that The Nine Lives of Christmas, Let it Snow, Unleashing Mr. Darcy, and The Most Wonderful Time of the Year are a few of my very favorites. 

2. How the Grinch Stole Christmas - In our house, this is a must watch around Christmastime. We always joke about my dad being the Grinch. XD But it's definitely a amazing animated story based off a Dr. Seuss book, so you should totally watch it.

3. A Charlie Brown Christmas and A Garfield Christmas - I mentioned both of these last year, so I'm putting them together this time around, but both are again, must-watches in our family during the holidays. First off, who doesn't love Charlie Brown and Snoopy?? Then there's Garfield. We've had this movie for years, ever since my parents recorded it in the early 90s (yes, on VHS, for those of you who still remember what those are XD) along with a bunch of other Christmas specials, and it's a fun one we all love. ;) 

 Charlie Brown Christmas

4. Elf - This one's a pretty silly movie that I'm sure most of you have probably seen. The best part about this movie (and an inside joke in our family) is the scene when Buddy is at the office with his dad and picks up the phone, answering with an enthusiastic, "Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?" For some reason, that just struck my dad funny, and we had to pause the movie because he was laughing so hard - which, in turn, was making all of us die of laughter. So yes, this movie brings a lot of laughs along with it.

Yes everyone please do this for Christmas!!!

5. I'm leaving this one blank, readers, for you to decide! What is your favorite (or some of your favorite) Christmas movie(s)? Let me knowww!


And that's it for today! (For those of you wondering why It's a Wonderful Life isn't on my list - and wasn't last year, either... Well, call me Scrooge if you wish, but yeah. I'm not gonna go on a rant, but I'll just say it's overrated and, well, we all have our different opinions. XD So don't talk to me about that one.) 

Have you seen any of the movies mentioned above? How did you like them?

~Livi Jane 

Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Twelve Days of Christmas - Christmas Songs!

Hello, all! (And Merry Christmas!!!)


I'm joining a little Christmas link-up, so at least y'all will get one or two posts this month, since I've been absent lately... Forgive me. ;)

Anyway, today's post is going to be about something very Christmas-y, because what reminds you more of Christmas than Christmas music??

Today's going to start off with a few of my favorite traditional Christmas songs, because who doesn't love Christmas music?

Let's dive on in, shall we?

*Not in any particular order, because how could I choose?
  1. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - Definitely a favorite since I was little :)
  2. Christmas Canon - This just sounds so beautiful <3
  3. What Child is This? - I just love the sound and lyrics to this song. I've been singing it a lot lately XD 
  4. O Come All Ye Faithful - Another song I've loved since I was younger. It sounds so pretty, and it's just awesome all around :D
  5. O Come O Come Emmanuel - GAH! I love this song SO much...just everything about it <3
Bethel Kids has a Christmas EP with a couple of these awesome songs listed above, along with my favorite rendition of The Little Drummer Boy. It's awesome. 

This is a beautiful (and one of my favorites) version of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen


Then I have another list, because obviously just five songs aren't enough. This next list includes more modern songs written by some of my favorite Christian artists:

  1. Just a Girl (Brandon Heath)
  2. The Night Before Christmas (Brandon Heath)
  3. Feelin' Like Christmas (OBB)
  4. Christmas is Here (Anthem Lights Cover)
  5. Almost Christmas (Josh Wilson)
  6. Heaven Everywhere (Francesca Battistelli)
  7. Why Can't it Be Christmastime All Year? (All Things New)
Okay, okay, I snuck a couple extra in there. But who cares? You can never have enough Christmas songs to listen to!!!!!!

Yes, why can't it be Christmastime all year?? XD


And last but not least, I have one last list, some of my favorite holiday songs:
  1. All I Want for Christmas (Moriah Carey)
  2. Carol of the Bells (TSO) 
  3. Let it Snow 
  4. Christmas in Killarney (The Irish Rovers. A fun, Irish song about Christmas! I love it!)
  5. Linus and Lucy (Of course, I couldn't go without mentioning a song that has to do with A Charlie Brown Christmas, right?) ;) 
Again, I have many more I could list, but that would take a very, very long time! :D


What are some of your favorite Christmas songs? Which of the ones on my list have/haven't you heard? 

Tune in again this week to see a post about some of my favorite Christmas movies!

~Livi Jane

Saturday, December 2, 2017

You Can't Be Everyone's Favorite Sauce

Not being invited to the party, or the group chat, or even just a hangout with your "friends" hurts. A lot. I've experienced this first hand quite a few times.
This past year (the past six months, especially) I've been dealing with a lot of hurt.
I couldn't understand why or how people could do things that hurt me so much and not realize it. Not apologize. Pretend to care again and then disappear right after.

And I hate being clingy, so I try not to be. If I feel unwanted, I back off and shut down.

Has there ever been someone (or more than one someone) in your life who you wanted to be friends with (maybe even best friends), but they just didn't seem to feel the same way?

I recently read this post a friend shared over Facebook. And it's amazing. Really.
I'm still dealing with my issues, trying to work out how to handle some things, but it's nice to know I'm not the only one who has these kind of problems and a reminder that, well, you can't be everyone's favorite sauce!

Chick-Fil-A Revealed the Recipe for Its Famous Sauce  -

In this post, Amy Weatherly is talking about how while visiting Chick-fil-A with her friends and kids, she noticed how everyone had a different choice of sauce. Some had Chick-fil-A, some had BBQ, some had ketchup, and everything in between.

Part of her post is shared below:

(Written by Amy Weatherly)
In & Out Beauty by Amy

“[Everyone] is different, and everyone chooses differently, and what everyone needs varies. So I probably shouldn't take it so dadgum personally when someone doesn't like me, when someone doesn't want to be my best friend, when I feel left out or excluded. I mean...I can't do it. I can't be everyone's Chick-fil-A sauce. And neither can you.

For some people, you are going to be too salty, and for others, you are going to be too sweet. For some, you will be too bold, and for others, you won't have enough flavor. You will be too much and not enough for some people's taste buds to handle and THAT IS OKAY.

That is soooo okay. God didn't make you to be loved by everyone. He didn't make you to be one-size-fits-all and generic and boring. He did not send you to this earth so that you could please all the people. He did not create you to be popular or to be invited to all the parties or to be included in every group text. He made you to love Him, and to follow Him, and to carry out His very specific purpose by being your very own distinct flavor.

Your flavor won't be for everyone. Take a deep breath and learn to be okay with that.

And the next time the devil tries to attack you, or make you stumble over the vicious lie that you are less than, or insecure, or like something is wrong with who you are, because you are feeling rejected, or alone, or unliked, repeat these words. Scream them if you must: I CAN'T BE EVERYONE'S CHICK-FIL-A SAUCE. And then just keep on running the race God has set out before you. Run it hard. Run it [well]. Run it long. And run it in your very own style.”


So there you have it. And yes, there's still going to be times you feel hurt and excluded and unloved. It's going to happen. But remember, there are people out there who couldn't live without you, and you ARE their favorite sauce!!!

I hope I've encouraged some of you as much I have myself. ;)

God bless,

~Livi Jane

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Back From the Dead!

Hello, all!

I know. I disappeared. For over a month. Actually, two.

And I am so, so sorry. Life has been crazy, and I just haven't found the time to sit down and write blog posts. Plus, I'll admit that I just haven't been inspired or longing to write a post.

Blogging should be fun, something enjoyable. And, sadly, I haven't felt that way the past few months.

So I apologize again for leaving you few loyal readers. ;)

I'm gonna do a quick recap of my October goals for those of you who care. XD

October goals:
  • Write at least 2,000 words (potentially prepare for NaNo. Not sure if I plan to do NaNo this year...we'll see.) :) Yes and yes! I actually wrote around 7k(?) or so. I didn't keep track super well, but I definitely beat my goal!
  • CYT ballroom dance showcase! (Hopefully I'll some pics to post of that.) Please pray it goes well if you think about it! Weeell, there was a slight mishap and the wrong version of the song was played--therefore the ending was not what it was supposed to be, which was really disappointing. But overall it was lots of fun!
  • Try to be a good friend and actually comment on other people's blog posts. XD Lol. Nope.
  • Read the Blades of Acktar series. ***Slight spoilers for those who haven't read the series*** AHHHH YES. SO. AMAZING. Like, AUGH! I really should review the series (since I read it so fast that I don't know what happened in which book XD). Leith is amazing. And from the beginning, Martyn was my favorite. And yes. He still is. And he's mine. And so is Ranson. And Jamie. 
  • Dedicate time to working on sign language. Sadly, no. Again, I was so busy I didn't have much time.
  • Work harder/more diligently on school (this'll be a hard one XD) Somewhat. XD
  • Continue reading the bible every day. Yep!!


NaNoWriMo:  I beat my personal word count goal and completed two stories, one of which is the longest I've written to date!!! So yeah, that was exciting!

Here's a few snippets:

Story #1:

“Don’t you even consider giving me one of those long ‘talks’, Blake Andrews,” I say, hands planted on my hips, strawberry-blonde ponytail swinging.
He holds up both hands in surrender. “Wasn’t even thinking about it, Maisie.”
I turn, fully ready to smack my brother.
“Tsk tsk, little sister. Touch me and you’ll really be in trouble. Assaulting an officer is no joke ‘round these parts.” His voice takes on a country drawl at the end. He glances around at the crowds wandering around the outside of the mall. “You’d be crazy to try anything. Especially with so many witnesses.”
“You’re impossible,” I mutter under my breath, stomping away.
His laugh reverberates from behind me.


Story #2:

I look at the child in my arms. “Hi there.” What are you supposed to say to a one-year-old?
Her mouth widens into a smile, revealing a couple of new teeth, and she giggles.
“I know, I'm probably the funniest looking guy you've ever seen.” I roll my eyes.
“Daddy!” she squeals, reaching for my nose.
I gently grab the tiny hand and move it away from my face. “No, I'm not your daddy.”
Her smile ebbs away, and I know I'm about to be in big trouble.
Sure enough, her face crumples, and she starts crying.
“Shh, Savannah,” I try to hush, bouncing her on my hip. I feel like a complete clown, but I don't know what to do.
She takes a deep breath and her cries switch to wails. 

No no no, please stop. Danielle’s gonna think I pinched her kid or something.

Andddd, that's about it for November. XD Just writing. And Thanksgiving! And decorating for Christmas!!!

I am SO ready for the Christmas season! :D

Okay, that's about all. I have a post coming up in the next few days about something that I'm sure we've all been through, so I hope you'll join me!

~Livi Jane

Sunday, October 1, 2017



Hello October. Fall

I love the fall/winter months (especially when the weather here actually remembers what season it is...which is not happening right now, but c'est la vie). XD

Anyway, since it is (yet again) the beginning of a new month, welcome to my monthly recap! :D

September Highlights:

  • Had a youth movie night and watched The Resurrection of Gavin Stone. I absolutely love this movie, so it was fun to see it again with my frieeeends. <3
  • I had lunch with a lizard. *nods* He was sitting right outside the window at work eating bugs while I ate my food. Lots of fun. XD
  • Moved my turtles up into my room (finally!). They seem to like living with me XD
  • Bought a ton of new stuff for my room (yayayayay!).
  • My friend got a bearded dragon!
Pepper loves me! XD

Random funnies from Pinterest:

This is so great XD


In contrast to last month, I'm super happy with how writing went this month! With the advice of a friend, I took a break from what had been my "main" project, and I'm setting it aside for a while.
I was thinking I would be lucky to reach my goal of 2k, but I ended up with a total of over 7k words written in September (which, considering how low my motivation and busy my schedule has been, is pretty awesome)!!! XD


I honestly haven't had much time for reading (sadly), but I recently ordered the entire series of The Blades of Acktar, which I've heard from many of you is an amazing series. I cannot wait to get them in (and read them all in one sitting! XD)
There's also a couple of books I'm hoping to pick up this month, but we'll see how that goes!


Old Church Choir - Zach WIlliams
Lions - Skillet
Don't Let Me Down - Chainsmokers
Waiting For Love - Avicii
The Days - Avicii
The Nights - Avicii
Symphony - Clean Bandit
Down to the River to Pray - Alison Krauss
Rescuer - Rend Collective
Rocky Road to Dublin - The High Kings
Random Irish instrumental music XD

Yeah. A lot of music. XD

Verse of the Month:

"Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him."
Psalm 34:8 

And here we are with monthly goals!

September Goals:

  • Write at least 2,000 words. YES! :D *happy dance* I wrote over 7,000 words! *cheers*
  • Finally get all of the bedroom stuff settled. Weeell, ALMOST. I finally have basically all of my new furniture, my new bedding + mattress, and just have to hang up all the wall decor! :D
  • Work harder on keeping up with blogging/reading others' blogs. Um, I kinda forgot about this one, but I think I've been doing better at least with reading others' posts, even if I'm not commenting, I've probably seen your posts! ;P
  • Start learning more in-depth sign language. (I've found some online courses, and I think I'm gonna give it a go to learn more!) Not as much as I'd like to have, but I definitely plan to work harder on it in October!
  • Continue reading the Bible every day. Keepin' up! 


October Goals:

  • Write at least 2,000 words (potentially prepare for NaNo. Not sure if I plan to do NaNo this year...we'll see.) :)
  • CYT ballroom dance showcase! (Hopefully I'll some pics to post of that.) Please pray it goes well if you think about it!
  • Try to be a good friend and actually comment on other people's blog posts. XD
  • Read the Blades of Acktar series.
  • Dedicate time to working on sign language.
  • Work harder/more diligently on school (this'll be a hard one XD)
  • Continue reading the bible every day.

What are you looking forward to this October? Anything exciting going on?

~Livi Jane

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Bookish Tag

Good morning, everyone!!!

After disappearing again for most of this month, I'm finally back with a tag! 

Libby @ Geoturtle tagged me in The Bookish Tag. Thanks so much, Libby!

  • You must be honest
  • You must answer all of the questions
  • You must tag four other bloggers
And without further ado, let's dive headfirst into this tag!

1. What book has been on your shelf the longest?

Hmm...I have a lot of books on my bookshelf that I don't remember not having. The Boxcar Children series is one I always remembering seeing on the shelf. ;)

2. What is your current read, last read, and next read?

The last book I read was A Matter of Trust by Susan May Warren, the next book(s) I plan to read are the Blades of Acktar series. Currently, I don't have any books I'm reading *collective gasp* (scandalous!), but hoping to get into some soon!

3. What book did everyone like, but you hated?

I honestly don't really know...I'm sure there's been one or two, but I can't think of any right now... XD Sorry, y'all.

4. What book do you keep telling yourself you’ll read, but you probably won’t?

Ummm... Well  there a couple of books I need to read for school, but I keep avoiding them (even though I actually sorta do want to read them. Don't ask XD). Although I have to read them eventualy, sooo...

5. What book are you saving for retirement?
I'm not exactly sure what this question is asking, but if there's a book I want to read, ain't no way I'm waiting until I retire to read it! XD

6. Last Page: read it first, or wait ’till the end?

I never skip to the last page (although I have been very tempted at times) unless I'm at the library or a bookstore and I find a book that looks potentially interesting, but not enough for me to ever want to read it. In such cases, I skim through the book.

7. Acknowledgement: waste of paper and ink, or interesting aside?

Definitely not a waste...Depending on the author, etc. depends on if I read it thoroughly or just skim it, but I almost always read it. ;)

8. Which book character would you switch places with?

Oh goodness, there's too many. XD Excluding my own stories (ahem) I would say maybe Andi Carter from the Circle C books by Susan K. Marlow... Or the love interest of one of my favorite guy characters (don't judge, y'all. Guys in books are a million times better than real life guys XD).

9. Do you have a book that reminds you of something specific in your life? (Place, time, person?)

Well, books that were written by friends always make me think of them. There are a couple of books by Nancy Rue that remind me of road trips, because I would drag them along with me a lot of times. :D

10. Name a book that you acquired in an interesting way.

Not sure if this qualifies as interesting, but my sister is friends with one of my favorite childhood authors, and she once sent me one of her full series, each book signed. That was pretty awesome!!!

11. Have you ever given a book away for a special reason to a special person?

Hm, well I did once give my cousin a few books from Winnie the Horse Gentler series (which were my favorites at the time) because she loved horses. That's about all I can think of right now.

12. Which book has been with you most places?

Well, if journals count, then my journal. And as I mentioned earlier, many books from Nancy Rue have found their way along long road trips with me. ;)

13. Any “required reading” you hated in high school that wasn’t so bad later?

Eh, not that I can think of. I really don't have that much required reading.

14. Used or brand new?
Brand new! That new book smell is just so amazing!

15. Have you read any Dan Brown books?
Nope, don't think I've ever even heard of him...

16. Have you ever seen a movie you liked more than the book?

Not that I can think of...the book is usually better!!!

17. Have you ever read a book that’s made you hungry, cookbooks included?

Pretty much any cookbook makes me hungry! But there is one book in particular, The Pizza Mystery, which is a Boxcar Children book, that always, always made me want pizza so much! XD

18. Who is the person whose book advice you’ll always take?

Hm, I would probably say Kate K. from Twin Thoughts. She and I have very similar tastes in books!

19. Is there a book out of your comfort zone (e.g., outside your usual reading genre) that you ended up loving?

The Montana Rescue series surprised me, because I don't really like books based solely on romance (although I have been venturing into this genre a little more, and I don't hate it the way I used to! XD). There were some scenes that had me cringing (kissing, bleck!), but overall the stories were enjoyable (perhaps because they were also very adventure-y).


And that completes the tag! Thanks again for tagging me, Libby! I hope you all enjoyed reading my answers.

To close out, I'm going to cheat a little (when do I not when it comes to tagging others? XD) and say that if you have read in a book/story today, you are tagged!! (Let me know if you do the tag so I can read your answers!)

Have a wonderful day, y'all!

~Livi Jane