Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Twelve Days of Christmas - A Southern Christmas!

Howdy, readers!!!

Can you believe that Christmas is just DAYS away???? It's crazy how quickly time flies!


I've got a fun post today. Maybe some of you can relate, maybe some of you will think I'm just crazy! Either way, I hope you'll enjoy this post that I'm entitling:

A Southern Christmas 
This post is mostly going to be a bunch of Pinterest quotes with a few of my own mixed in about what Christmas is like for those of us who live in the South (particularly LA and TX). ;)


1. Bahahaha true
Okay, so like I said in my last post, it snows maybe once every ten years, and stays around for a while even less. So this is basically what happens even when there's a chance for snow.

For those who think this is a joke, we've worn shorts on multiple Christmases and played cousin vs. cousin football in MawMaw's backyard. Those are fun times, though!

3. Louisiana, too! ;p
So I'm not from Texas (sadly) but we have a bunch of family who lives there, and this rings true for Louisiana, as well!

4. It's not Christmas without The Cajun Night Before Christmas! 

Cajun Night Before Christmas® (The Night Before Christmas Series)
My mom reads this in her Cajun accent every year, and it's definitely a fun tradition!

5. A typical Christmas Eve looks something like this:

Christmas bonfires along the levees in the River Parishes.

Bonus #6. It ain't Christmas without some made-from-scratch roux and gumbo! (Plus my dad's fudge :D)
Yes I do


Have a Very Cajun Christmas! Christmas in Louisiana
Papa Noel!


A Cajun Christmas song! ;) 


And there y'all have it! For those of you who live up north, I'm sure you all have your own (very opposite version) of this post! ;P What's Christmas like for y'all up there? 

Anybody who can relate with me on this southern Christmas?? 

While I do wish for snow every once in a while (more often that once in a blue moon!) I wouldn't trade my Cajun roots for anything! 

Joyeux Noel!!! 

~Livi Jane


  1. Oh goodness, I love this. XDD
    I can't really relate to any of this (especially the shorts on Christmas - you poor thing!), but I loved seeing a bit of Christmas in LA! ;)

  2. Oh, I loved reading these! And I want to read the Cajun night before Christmas sometime . . . I just picked up The Cowboy night before Christmas at our library last week and it was hilarious. xD

  3. Great post, Olivia! A Cajun Christmas sounds pretty awesome. ;) Oh, and the book is so fun!

  4. Hey Livi!
    funny post. Am I correct in thinking that you're a Saints fan? If so, I'm guessing you're pretty happy about them making it to the playoffs, and WINNING in them! Honestly, I'm a big football and sports fan, though not a Saints fan, but....I was still really happy they won....I wanted them to beat the Panthers.

    1. Oh, and I was wondering:if you ARE a big football and sports fan, how in the world do you MANAGE to keep sports out of your posts?! I know that if I had a blog which (fortunately for all you good people) I don't, I would never be able to keep my sports obsessions out of my posts. How do you do it?

  5. Thanks for sharing your Christmas experience.

  6. enjoy reading it. I love making snowman too.